Snapchat filters with the image of Normandy: the new creation of the studio

Harcourt illuminated, Giverny, Korrigans… neodigital attaches great importance to the creation of concepts that highlight its territory. Proud of his native Normandy, the studio has launched the crazy challenge of creating Snapchat filters in his image!

Creations accessible to all, for all!

In 2011, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown, students at Stanford University, created Snapchat. A new social network that allows everyone to send photos and videos! The platform is becoming a victim of its own success. Today, there are more than 265 million active users per day in the world. Thus, many innovations have appeared. Creative, intuitive, fun and above all bonding, Snapchat filters are entering our daily lives! No need to wear makeup, disguise or make a face, the filters take care of it. The action is so simple that it is almost addictive! You just have to position your face in front of the camera and scroll through the numerous filters. Then take the picture and share it with your friends and family! Snapchatters have a choice. According to a study by Moderator’s Blog , more than 1.5 million filters were created by the Snapchat community at the end ofQ3 2019. The numbers keep growing!

On average, 70% of daily users play or view filters each day.

For companies, Snapchat filters are a godsend. To highlight their activity and their products, during marketing events, etc… Or simply to express their creativity.

The advantage is that anyone can create his or her own filter, and there are no limits. By going to the Snapchat website. Or by creating it from other software, such as the Adobe suite! This allows to use augmented reality and to take the user, for a moment, in his universe.

The creation of the filter around the four elements and Normandy

Snapchat filters to represent our beautiful Normandy

It is in this creative process, but also to follow the trend that our studio wanted to launch into the fabulous adventure of Snapchat filters! Attached and proud of its territory, the neodigital agency wanted to declare its love for it by creating 4 Snapchat filters. The latter in the colors of the history of Normandy. With the idea of starting with the Vikings, symbol of Normandy, and associating to each of them 1 of the 4 elements. Namely, Water, Air, Earth and Fire.

Once again, the choice of the 4 elements is not trivial: “We all have them in Normandy to different degrees! Water with our beaches, Air is representative of the wind that blows in the north, Fire is the symbol of the Vikings and finally Earth is the symbol of our agricultural territory!says Basile Bohard, artistic director of the studio. This artistic re-reading of what could be Normandy was the subject of a 3-step process:

  • A conceptualization part where we chose the artistic direction. Then established the editorial line and started to realize concept arts. To find the 4 most representative.
  • A modeling part in which 3D was used. Adding the texture in the wireframing, then the light and the atmosphere.
  • And finally the step of integrating the creations into the Snapchat software!
These filters will be available directly on the Snapchat platform

Stay tuned, neodigital’s Snapchat filters will soon appear on the platform!

Can’t wait to transform yourself into a Firebender Viking? We do!

Robin Bohard

Directeur de la communication