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MAis c'est quoi un lieu immersif ?
On vous partage notre vision d'une Experience multisensorielle immersiveà travers un livre blanc écrit par Basile Bohard

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Our offer includes customer experience audits, location assessments, feasibility studies, expert advice and intellectual property expertise and recommendations to ensure that your business objectives and requirements are taken into account in all creative decisions. We can also help you with your branding or data collection strategy.
From idea to realization, our creative team will design the story that will come to life in space and time. Using the latest advanced visualization techniques, we'll bring your concept to life. From simple artistic drawings to detailed integrations of texture, smell and sound, we'll represent every aspect of the sensory experience to sculpt an organic image of your concept.
Pedagogical and narrative engineering
Our teaching teams will work with you to create an immersive journey where technology serves experiential learning and storytelling. From scientific research with our experts to pedagogical progress, we do our utmost to ensure that our experiences arouse curiosity and enthusiasm for learning and discovery.
Our expertise in creating realistic representations and simulations, with full-color renderings, sketches, multimedia presentations and 3D modeling, eliminates uncertainties and speeds up visualization, design and documentation processes. Proceeds from this phase are invaluable for the project's approval, financing and construction permit stages.
As soon as the concepts and plans have been drawn up, our teams get down to creating your environments, with full monitoring of budgets, schedules and on-site construction. Thanks to first-rate craftsmanship, we bring your plans to life, resulting in a finished, turnkey solution.
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