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At neo digital, we create, build and operate immersive experiences.
designed by Basile Bohard. Rooted in the imagination, we bring to life places where light, architecture, sound, interactivity and special effects combine to transform a simple moment of ephemeral curiosity into an unforgettable artistic experience!

Whether it’s an exhibition, an interactive installation, a sound and light show, a road show, a showroom or even an attraction, we strive to instill a sense of wonder in order to explore the possibilities of a future that has yet to be built outside the box!

To do this, in our French studios, we bring together a multitude of talents and multidisciplinary approaches under one roof. This is what sets us apart and gives us the means to carry out quality turnkey projects. Coming from multiple backgrounds, our talents accompany you according to the needs and specificities of your project.
On a daily basis, we build up a collective of outstanding creative people, designers and technicians: directors, set designers, architects, lighting designers, concept artists, scenographers, web designers, motion designers, engineers, carpenters, 3D/2D computer graphics artists, illustrators, etc.

We are both the dreamers and the makers of a different future!

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Discover the story behind neodigital

In 2010, Basile Bohard, his brother Robin and Delphine Reboux, respectively creative director, communication director and experiential designer at the studio, founded neodigital. Basile’s experience in T.V. production and interactive experience creation, Robin’s experience in immersive project management and Delphine’s experience in storytelling have resulted in amazing immersive experiences.

Basile Bohard
Founder / Creative Director
Robin Bohard
Co-founder / Production Manager
Delphine Reboux
Co-founder / Multimedia Designer

Their objective was, and still is today, to cultivate the curiosity of the public and to make them want to imagine the future differently thanks to the design of immersive environments. Convinced that arousing emotions leads to a greater desire to explore new approaches, they have developed influential stories and creative universes to enable audiences to better understand the world.

Today, with more and more outstanding projects, we continue to push back the frontiers of excellence in the creation of immersive places and to allow the public to gather around themed, immersive and interactive places. The agency has created more than 150 unique productions and experiences worldwide for clients such as Vivendi, Ballet Malandain, France Télévisions, Cosmetic Valley, Arkema and Allianz.

Our continued growth at the agency is based on the participation, inspiration and dedication of a collective of motivated and fighting artists, thinkers, technicians, designers, craftsmen and collaborators.

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