Welcome to neodigital

Through the feelings we generate within each and everyone of us, the agency is redefining the ways of knowledge transmission to your audiences. By combining multimedia content creation and scenography, and by developing new forms of interactivities, we are creating immersive experiences in order to arouse the curiosity and need for learning of your audiences.

Whether it is an exhibition, a light and sound show or immersive roadshow or multimedia contents, we try to inject a feeling of wonder in order to explore new insights together.

To do so the agency is gathering under the same roof in our french studios a multitude of talents and multidisciplinary approaches. This is what makes us different and gives us the means to realize turnkey quality projects. Coming from various horizons, our talent pool supports you according to the specific needs of your project. Piece by piece we are building a creator, pedagogues and outstanding technician Collective. With us are directors, concept artists, IT developers, web designers, motion designers, multimedia engineer, librarians, scenographer, 3D/2D graphic designers, illustrators, game designers and so on.

With neodigital, every experience is unique
and allows you to think differently !

making you
want to learn
inspire through
gather people
to live memorable
to rise together
Unravel together
because nothing is
too difficult
to explain
let's discover the story behind the creation of neodigital

In 2010, Basile Bohard the creative director, his brother Robin the innovation manager and Delphine Reboux, multimedia designer within the company, created neodigital. By combining Basile’s background in TV production and interactive experiment creation,, Robin’s innovative technology and Delphine’s way of creating story, they gave birth to astonishing multimedia experiences.

Basile Bohard
Creative Director / Founder
Robin Bohard
Digital producer / Co-founder
Delphine Reboux
Multimedia designer / Co-founder

Their purpose was and still is to this day to arouse the audience’s curiosity and to make them want to learn through multimedia content creation and interactive experience. They are convinced that generating emotions compels people to explore new knowledge, and so they invented stories and influential creative universes so that the audiences can better understand the world.

Today with our projects becoming more significant, we continue to push the boundaries of multimedia excellence which allow audiences to gather around motivating contents. The agency has created over 150 productions unique experiences around the world for clients such as Vivendi, Renault, France Télévisions, Cosmetic Valley, Arkema or Allianz.

We keep growing  thanks to the participation, inspiration and dedication of our collective, made of thinkers, coders, designers, editors and motivated fighting spirits.

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