neodigital: official member of the TEA

Based in Bernay in the heart of Normandy, the neodigital studio creates immersive and interactive experiences to arouse curiosity and make people want to learn! Its activity falls into the category of themed entertainments, theme parks or places of immersion. It is with great pride that neodigital is a member of the prestigious TEA! We reveal you more…

What is the TEA or Themed Entertainment Association?

Founded in 1991 by Monty Lunde, a special effects specialist in the theme park industry in the United States, Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) is a non-profit association specialized in the world of themed entertainment and is recognized worldwide!

The association defends and represents the interests of companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, etc., who put their heart into creating experiences, immersive places, theme parks, shows or even museums!

The TEA is a large family of entertainment enthusiasts with over 1,000 members worldwide, including neodigital, Universal, Moment Factory, Electrosonic and Disney! The life of the association is punctuated each year by highlights, such as the Thea Awards in which the Klub Extraordinaire participated – a ceremony organized since 1994 to reward “excellence” and “major innovations” achieved by players in the thematic entertainment industry.

What does neodigital do in the association?

One year ago, neodigital joined TEA in the EME – Europe and Middle East! The agency actively participates in organized gatherings, shares its experience with other members of the association, takes part in meetings organized by the collective, attends conferences and is invited to the key events of the year. A place of honor that allows him to be inspired and enrich his horizons to constantly propose projects more unusual and unique than the others. neodigital intends to take advantage of this opportunity, even more so at this time. It could be that new projects from Europe, or even from Bern, with international resonance will soon emerge from the studio and its artistic director… Mystery… Stay tuned!

TEA participates in the elaboration of numerous studies and documentations useful to our markets
TEA participates in the elaboration of numerous studies and documentations useful to our markets
Robin Bohard

Directeur de la communication