Experiential marketing: work miracles with immersive experiences

What if, instead of trying to sell your product, you tried to sell an experience? Have you ever heard of experiential marketing? It’s about giving your customer a memorable experience, before the consumption phase. This innovative form of marketing works like a charm. The proof is that 65% of the brands that use it see positive effects on their sales!

Immersive experience for experiential marketing

Commercial competition is fierce and differentiation has become a major challenge for brands. In this context, it is important to keep in mind that entertainment is the best way to seduce the public. Where traditional marketing emphasizes the usefulness of a product, experiential marketing focuses on thecustomer experience.

By offering an immersive experience to the consumer, you’ll do more than just capture their attention. If you put him in a situation of experience, you will allow him to become an actor while providing him with emotions.

So, what can experiential marketing be used for?

  • to boost your image
  • to offer a unique customer experience
  • to promote a product or a service in a fun way
  • to put a product or a service in a situation of use

How do you create a memorable experiential marketing experience?

Want to design a unique engaging marketing experience that will leave a lasting impression? Three points to remember:

1. Surprise the customer. The immersive experience must make him live a moment far from his daily life, which he did not expect. So be inventive!

2. Use the 5 senses. A striking decor, dynamic music, an enchanting perfume… are examples of elements that will stimulate the senses and awaken the emotions.

3. Offer spectacle and sensationalism. The more the experience gives stars in the eyes, the more it will remain engraved in the memories.

Let’s summarize: an experiential marketing experience must be original, sensory and emotionally rich. And that’s exactly what our creative talents at Neo Digital know how to do.

Robin Bohard

Directeur de la communication