Experiential tourism, for immersive travel

We had a before covid 19, there will be an after! Faced with a well-informed traveler aware of the importance of complying with health measures, the tourism industry has had to innovate once again. No longer content to sell all-inclusive packages of flight + hotel + fitness and sauna in their destinations, they now have to think that tourists not only want to learn, discover and unique experiencesThis means being totally immersed in a country, but also taking into account their health safety.

The desire for a tourism experience

A 2019 study by polled new travelers on their motivations. The results showed that :

  • they are looking for a change of scenery, without necessarily having to travel very far
  • they want to discover places off the beaten track, go where no one has gone before
  • they aspire to eco-responsible travel
  • they don’t just want to go to a destination, they want to experience it.

The adventurers of the 21st century are tending towards immersive tourism, for journeys that are meaningful and leave a lasting impression.

Experiential tourism, for immersive travel

What is an immersion trip?

Travel is above all a human adventure, involving encounters with a country and its people. The immersive travel offer tourists an authentic approach to a destination.

They are no longer just spectators admiring landscapes and observing the locals, they become actors in their journey. In concrete terms, immersive tourism means living local experiences that enrich life. For example:

  • help harvest vegetables in Peru
  • learn to weave in Thailand
  • cooking egg rolls in Vietnam
  • attend an ethnic ceremony in Senegal
  • lobster fishing in Ireland

are off-the-beaten-track activities for those who want to discover a country from the inside.

The culinary tourism experience
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Why immersive tourism?

Experiential tourism is becoming the norm, because new travelers now prefer to buy experiences rather than objects to create memories. The immersive journeys allow you to :

  • get out of your comfort zone
  • understand and appreciate other cultures and ways of life
  • learn new things
  • spiritual enrichment and self-discovery
  • experience emotional and memorable moments

Immersion is the new trend in travel.

Prague and its magnificent Festival of Lights
Prague and its magnificent Festival of Lights