An unexpected artistic interlude

Let’s defy the ordinary together and share wonderful moments. Welcome to our Inspiration sessions!

At sunset, this Friday, November 8, 2019 in the premises of the neodigital agency, the first edition of our “Inspiration sessions” with singer Jona Oak took place. A real unexpected artistic interlude under the agency’s roof. Jona accompanied by Marie Boudet delivered a pop-folk with bewitching and uplifting melodies. This singular duo has unveiled an intimate electroacoustic music. A space where guitar, vocals and piano have mingled to become one. Original compositions that are both pure and full of rich sounds. We embarked on a surprising and unusual musical journey.

Inspiration sessions are more than an artistic experience that animates us, it’s a moment that nourishes us and makes us look at the world from a new angle!  Several times a year, we will invite you to share these unique moments to discover the projects of our experimental laboratory, our experiments with artists, or even personalities who have marked our world, who inspire or upset us.

Artistic performances, interactive installations, concerts, theatrical works, conferences, sketches, prototypes, dive and explore with us in these extraordinary sessions … to see and think the world differently!

Inspiration Session Jona Oak