Original: behind the scenes of the creation of the Klub Extraordinaire

The Klub Extraordinaire has been labeled a remarkable project, acclaimed by visitors, and hailed by elected officials and employment professionals as an innovative solution for attracting people to jobs. Backstage of a unique and immersive adventure!

Enabling everyone to envisage their professional future: neodigital’s mission

Within the framework of the Regional Pact for Investment in Skills, the Centre-Val de Loire region has decided to trust our studio for an inclusive and immersive project: the Klub Extraordinaire! A new concept that fits perfectly with the values of our studio: “transmit knowledge”, “arouse curiosity”, “make people want to learn”, and all this through emotions!

When our studio thought of the Klub Extraordinaire, the main objective was to create something different from what the public is used to seeing about careers and orientation, by creating an original place with a friendly atmosphere, accessible to all, and in which everyone would feel confident to consider their professional future. This project is a first edutainment experience and therefore complements the current systems. Indeed, it was created to raise awareness and make everyone aware of the importance of knowing themselves. In order to envisage a future, whether personal or professional.

“The Klub Extraordinaire is an ambitious and unique project in France, it illustrates the know-how, creativity and passion that animate our studio and its talents. We had to take up a real artistic, technological and educational challenge. In order to tto deal with a subject of great social importance, with poetry, aestheticism and magic! ” Basile Bohard, creative director and art director of neodigital studio.

Want to see the neodigital team in action? It happens in the first episode of the making of Klub Extraordinaire!

From observation to concept

The Klub Extraordinaire is an immersive experience that was built with the support of our educational teams and our scientific backers in the fields of psychology, career guidance and careers,” says Delphine Reboux, the studio’s editorial director. So we had to create a story that was as inspiring as possible. To better engage visitors in their quest for self! After structuring the creative line, the visual concept stage begins! It consists in retranscribing the ideas of Basile Bohard, designer of the experiment, in the most accurate way possible.

To achieve this, our concept artists get on the same wavelength as the art director and the editorial director to propose the best creative proposals. During this phase hundreds of concepts are produced before the final result is chosen. “There are many details to consider when designing a universe: the story, the message, the emotion… For me, the key to creating such a project is the exchange with the designer, the art director and the editorial team,” says Tabatha, concept artist at neodigital.

Curious to discover concept research in images? Watch the second episode of the making of Klub Extraordinaire!

Le Klub Extraordinaire: the realization of ideas

Within the neodigital studio, unity is strength! About forty different trades have come together to build and give birth to the Klub Extraordinaire. Each partner brings its expertise to create immersive content and environments. Where light, architecture, sound, interactivity and special effects come together to transform a simple moment of ephemeral curiosity into an unforgettable experience!

During this stage, the teams face a major challenge: testing the concept against standards. Le Klub Extraordinaire is going to have an audience, so every idea has to be feasible. This is where 3D modeling and virtual reality come in to put visual concepts into perspective.

Ideas come to life in this third episode of the making of Klub Extraordinaire! The perfect opportunity to watch it!

neodigital: at the heart of Klub Extraordinaire’s production

The Klub Extraordinaire is an artistic, technological and, above all, human adventure.

The issue of this project is human. How do we get everyone on the same page to deliver an “Extraordinary” visitor experience?

During the making of Klub Extraordinaire, neodigital brought together technical and artistic partners propelled by the same energy. As well as a constant passion to push the limits. And to seek solutions and innovate to give the best! This investment on the part of all employees is reflected in the final quality of the immersive roadshow!

Following the conceptualization, the realization and the manufacturing, the objective is that the public forgets the completeness of the technologies. The ones that were used and the set of systems that were put in place. Of course, the whole thing must be sufficiently discreet and subtle. The result is a fully-fledged experience that will allow everyone to discover themselves through a primordial vector: emotion!

This is done through scenography, lighting, music, storytelling, etc. Forming a universe that loosens tongues and frees the imagination.

Finally, our immersive roadshow travels the roads of the Centre-Val de Loire region. And this since its inauguration in 2020. This is how it became the1st immersive roadshow recognized as “remarkable action” by the State. In the field of orientation and will be on the road for 4 to 5 years!

It would be a shame to miss the last making of episode of the Klub Extraordinaire!

You want to create an original immersive place? So don’t hesitate to contact us, we will discuss it over a good coffee! To conclude, if you wish to discover the Klub Extraordinaire in more detail, the website is available

Robin Bohard

Directeur de la communication