Art to reinvent the world

In the face of the global perils looming in the coming decades, we need artists more than ever. Because art can be used to reinvent the world, to live aesthetic and spiritual experiences, to shake up ideas, to fight or to change our relationship to the world.

Why does man need art?

By the way, what is the purpose of art? Originally, art meets a need different from biological needs: it satisfies a spiritual need. In prehistoric caves, man expressed his thirst for creativity and beauty by decorating their walls.

For those who produce artistic creations, be it through painting, dance, photography or other, it is a means of expression and relaxation. And for those who look at them, they are tools capable of softening life and the world. Indeed,art allows us to feel pleasure and emotions thanks to the beauty of the works.

Art to raise awareness

Since art has existed, men have not hesitated to put it at the service of a political, social or other cause. And so, in the 21st century, many ecologically-minded artists are embarking on what is known as “Green Art which celebrates the Earth and environmental protection through ethical artworks.

Thanks to its very “storytelling” character, cinema remains the best art to raise awareness. But with all the creative possibilities available today, all the arts have the power to bring ideas to the forefront and reach audiences beyond the aesthetic.

When artists dream of changing the world

To reconcile art and life, this is the project of many artists since the 19th century. This was notably the case of the Dadaism movement, which had the ambition to break aesthetic conventions and to break the boundaries between art and life.

If art cannot change the world, we must recognize that it can on the other hand modify our vision of this world, by reinventing it.

The artist proposes his own perception of the world, according to his personal history, his experiences, his culture, his time and his state of mind. It does not impose it on us, but invites us to observe reality differently. By modifying our relation to reality, an artistic creation modifies our look.

Provided that his work pleases or touches us, the artist helps us to understand the world.

With his neodigital studio, artist Basile Bohard sets out his unique vision of a world to be transformed and changed. How about a change of scene, starting with a cup of coffee?

Robin Bohard

Directeur de la communication