4 booming immersive cultural activities

Thanks to immersive technologies, cultural offerings are evolving and renewing themselves. From now on, visitors are placed at the center of the experience, allowing them to immerse themselves completely in an artistic environment. More and more proposals are being made to the public. Here are the main immersive cultural activities made possible by immersive technologies.

Immersive digital art exhibitions

In recent years, immersive art has invaded the exhibition scene. Digital creation now makes it possible to exhibit digital versions of works of art. We’ve seen him at Le Havre’s Carré des Docks in 2019, with the Image Van Gogh exhibition. More than 200 of the painter’s canvases were projected in large format, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in his work.

Immersive architectural projections

Immersive projections on buildings and monuments add a spectacular dimension to an event. There are various 3D projection techniques. The most popular is 3D mapping, also known as video mapping. Every year, this technique is used for the sound and light show at Rouen Cathedral, which always attracts large crowds.

Immersive theater

Immersion is also gaining ground in the performing arts, where truly immersive cultural activities are emerging, particularly in the theater. This new type of show allows the audience to share the stage with the actors andbe totally immersed in the action. The spectator no longer simply attends a play, but lives it. We talk more about this in the article Immersive theater, the new immersive trend.

Immersive tours

To attract and interest a wide range of audiences, the cultural sector is increasingly offering immersive tours. Often, the idea is to introduce visitors to the history of a product, monument or concept, through an immersive journey in a specially dedicated area. In Pont-l’Evêque, Calvados Experience offers a multi-sensory immersion experience to discover the history of Normandy and the secrets of Calvados production.

If you’d like to create your own immersive cultural space, we’re up for the challenge. Let’s discuss it together!

Basile Bohard

CEO – Directeur de la création