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In France and in Europe, this mobile experiential space accompanies companies and their employees who wish to make their digital transformation.

Client issues

To have a means of reaching out to professionals and making them aware of the new uses of digital technology.


The digital technology revolution is changing our lives, it is a cultural revolution that is changing the way we do things, work, communicate and even think.

Our proposal

Whatever their size, most companies have understood the need to implement a digital transformation strategy combining the deployment of digital tools and the training of their employees as levers contributing to their growth.

To raise awareness and support these companies in their transition, we present an XXL format educational container, the digital toolbox containing more than 20 technologies and no less than 200 innovative applications to simply approach and explain professional digital uses. Available in France and Europe, it can be deployed in rural areas as well as in large cities. Each moment of discovery and experimentation is animated by an experienced digital mediator. We have developed a catalogue of themed containers with personalised itineraries adapted to professionals and their issues (the factory of the future, the digital professions, big data, retail, Bim, etc.) to enable everyone to approach and succeed in their digital transformation.

The digital toolbox has also been designed, with numerous options to accompany the arrival of the container, playful experimentation workshops (code workshop, discovery of big data, robotics workshop, etc.), conferences or previews, as well as efficient operational support (audit, diagnosis, study, internal communication).

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