neodigital joins the Cercle des entrepreneurs

Under the impetus of the Bernay Terres de Normandie intercommunity, Basile Bohard, founder and CEO of the neodigital group, has been working with several entrepreneurs in the region to create a collective: The Cercle des entrepreneurs®!

What is the Cercle des entrepreneurs?

This collective aims to federate professionals in favor of the development of entrepreneurship and the attractiveness of the territory of Bernay (40 km around Bernay).

More than a professional network, more than a business club, the Cercle des entrepreneurs is a community of executives, committed and responsible business leaders who wish to exchange, transmit, inspire and share their experiences to build the future of their territory and their companies: “As everyone has already experienced, the first challenge of an entrepreneurial adventure is the human factor, because we all depend on each other. In this context, the challenge for the Cercle des entrepreneurs is to build an ecosystem in our region that is conducive to collaboration and creativity, where our employees, customers, partners, colleagues and subcontractors can flourish and grow together. This will be achieved through our ability to develop and instill a boundless curiosity for the talent of others: in my opinion, this is the first driving force for building a collective that is a real asset for our respective companies., says Basile Bohard, president of Cercle des entrepreneurs and founder of the neodigital design studio.

All companies are welcome, from large groups to ETIs, from small and medium-sized businesses to micro-entrepreneurs… The Circle is also in contact with other local players, public and private partners, schools, training, education, employment, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, cities, and intercommunities…

The leitmotiv of the association, “growing together”, takes on its full meaning thanks to recurring events during which members share their different experiences and learn, precisely, together. In addition to these highlights, a website is available to all! There is something for everyone: a business directory to discover the entrepreneurial wealth of our territory, economic news to inform, articles to help with procedures to enlighten, success stories to inspire and portraits to share!

Outstanding events

Enter the Cercle des entrepreneurs to share, invent, test, fail, learn and start again: this is the philosophy that drives us,” says Basile Bohard. For this reason, each year, members are offered many enriching moments:

  • The Learning Expedition of the Cercle: a trip abroad during which the members leave to meet companies, inspiring people, or to discover innovative places and ecosystems. (reserved for members)
  • Cercle Talks: small, effective conferences, led by world-renowned speakers, that invite participants to change their point of view on certain topics ! (general public)
  • Workshops: workshops organized to help everyone structure, create and grow their business. (reserved for members)
  • Afterworks: to get to know the new members of the Circle in a warm atmosphere! (reserved for members)
  • The Speed Meeting: a meeting scheduled once a year for professionals looking for business partners. (reserved for members)
  • Talents from here: original morning meetings by local talents on a variety of themes. (reserved for members)
  • Visits to local companies: to understand how they operate and to help students discover their different professions. (reserved for members and high school students of the territory)
  • The Festival Cercle : it is the annual event of the association. Dedicated to entrepreneurship and creativity in the broadest sense, it allows everyone to discover and enrich themselves… (general public)

For several months now, more than 50 entrepreneurs have joined the Circle to participate in this unique dynamic on the territory! And if, like Lw Talents, Arkema, Le Moulin Fouret, La Ferme Sainte-Aubinoise, Leclerc, Urban Connect, Teillage Saint-Martin, Protecop, neodigital, LearningSalad, Sofac, AXA, Options Production, you would like to take part in this wonderful adventure, you can already contact us! Start of events in September 2021!!!

Robin Bohard

Directeur de la communication