Senior Project Manager

Project management

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At neodigital, we create, manufacture and operate immersive places & experiences imagined by Basile Bohard. They stimulate creativity and bring our audiences together to imagine our future differently! Around several flagship licenses, we develop imaginary and extraordinary worlds designed to immerse our visitors in another space and time, inviting them to question themselves, to marvel and to initiate their own inner journey.


Your position represents a major challenge for the agency.

The immersive market is booming, and your job will be as much to bring projects to completion as to convey Basile Bohard’s vision of immersion. In key areas such as retail, education, events and space planning.

In line with the company’s vision and artistic direction, the Project Manager will be responsible for managing the entire project, as well as conveying the values we stand for to our customers. To plan, organize, structure and supervise the life of the projects for which it is responsible: from the consulting phase, to the launch, via design, as well as the production of the premises up to their opening.

You are the representative for these projects, managing all internal and external aspects. You will be responsible for budgets and teams. If you’re a strong leader, a good communicator and have a real talent for positive influence, then this is the job for you!


More than ever, our conviction is based on Basile’s vision of creating artistic and playful experiences that allow everyone to question the world around us. We deeply believe in the public’s desire to discover places that can bring them together, take them on a journey, create a link, a connection, through emotion and spectacle, so that everyone can use their curiosity as a vehicle for development and learning.

These values also inspire us in the way we approach our work. Here, we are propelled by an energy, a constant passion to push the limits, to innovate, to create. We’re looking for lively, convincing personalities. Ready to fight for projects they believe in.

The company is also structured around the energy, benevolence and autonomy of our teams in the pursuit of their objectives. We see our employees as long-term collaborators, thanks to ongoing training, regular challenges and a strong policy of benevolent feedback.



– Curiosity, open-mindedness
– Creativity and strength of proposal
– Rigor and Will
– Reactivity
– Team spirit and initiative
– Versatility
– Critical thinking
– Analytical and synthesis skills
– Enjoy continuous learning and training
– The ease and love of human relations
– Communicative enthusiasm and the will to achieve
– A close eye on developments (artistic, technological, social…)
– Reliable and professional



Advice and support :

– Define strategies for supporting the customer’s creative process
– Facilitate and organize brainstorming and creativity sessions
– Guarantors of the quality of the ideation and idea management techniques used
– Develop work processes for consulting assignments

Project management :

– Manage a project from A to Z;
– Recruit talent to work on the project;
– Act as the project owner’s (customer’s or in-house producer’s) reference for project production;
– Oversee the obligations of each party and the various participants as stipulated in the contract;
– Draw up the budget framework, including margin calculations and a schedule, and monitor it in detail during the various project phases;
– Be responsible for managing and respecting the pre-established production schedule for a given project;
– Monitor the hours allocated to the various production tasks and ensure that the time scheduled for each task is respected;
– Inform the coordinator of any items that may affect the schedule or budget;
– Recruit and coordinate human resources;
– Control project activities through rigorous monitoring of operations carried out by various resources, sub-contractors and suppliers;
– In collaboration with the designer, ensure synergy between the various trades involved in the project;
– Produce the documentation required for all phases of the project;
– In collaboration with the producer, manage copyright and intellectual property issues during the content development and production stages;
– Produce final documents, post-mortems and reports relevant to project closure, and supervise archiving tasks.
– Help find solutions to problems;
– Be responsible for the folder structure and file nomenclature, and for ensuring that these are respected by the artists involved in the project;
– Responsible for delivery of approval and final files;

Project coordination :

– Plan and implement production processes;
– Suggest technical solutions to keep processes simple and efficient;
– Develop management processes to improve productivity;
– Participate in improving coordination tools for content project teams;
– Participate in the development of internal procedures and processes;
– Carry out any other responsibilities and/or tasks related to this position.



  • Graduate degree in management and/or one of neodigital’s fields of activity (architecture, events, design, scenography, multimedia content)
  • More than 3 years’ experience in a management position in a creative environment in the entertainment industry, multimedia or other related field involving creative content and technology;
  • A good understanding of the financial and legal aspects of a project: contracts, budgets, investments, financial arrangements, taxes, invoicing, intellectual property, etc.
  • Proficiency in office automation tools (Gsuite or MS Office)
  • Understanding production stages and milestones
  • Understanding of all the tools involved in producing an immersive site (design software, 3D, technologies)
  • Understanding neodigital’s business challenges
  • Good marketing and negotiation skills
  • Good knowledge of management and consulting methodologies
  • Ability to monitor and anticipate cultural and societal trends, and stay at the forefront of the target sector.
  • Knowledge of current competition and available products ;
  • Knowledge of scientific techniques related to neodigital activities
  • Demonstrated ability to manage and complete several projects simultaneously, to work under pressure and as part of a team.



  • Flexible teleworking
  • Group bonus

At neodigital, we believe in the potential of bringing people together around experiences that generate emotion and create powerful vectors for learning, questioning and bonding. To create these unique moments, we encourage creativity, collaboration and the demand for high-quality work. All united by the same strength of conviction. It’s the assembly of the most creative and innovative talents that will bring out a new way of conceiving the future and light the way for our visitors.

We look forward to meeting you!


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