Immersive Experiences


To marvel is to take the first step toward knowledge

Our job is much more than just telling stories, we make you live immersive experiences that stimulate your senses and your minds and make you yearn for knowledge.

We are trying to instill a sense of wonder in order to explore new knowledges collectively.  Therefore by combining multimedia content creation, scenography and new forms of interactivites, our outstanding features re-invent the traditional learning space. As we are naturally curious, every subject brings us interest, inspiration and passion whether in a public space, a cultural place, museum or a business with registered trademarks.



At the crossroads of art, design and technologies we are choreographing public spaces that can gather and reconnect the audiences. Through magical immersive experiences, our teams are building innovative urban identities, bringing moving and unforgetable memories. Along a city street, in airports or festivals, in a reception room or the front of a department store,  we give meaning to your living spaces and we arouse curiosity by stimulating all your smarts !


To face new public expectations, museums and cultural places have to respond to audiences looking for unique sensations. From now on we are not just reading for knowledge, we are experiencing it. Furthermore we are developing emotional immersive experiences. Coming to life through technologies, they reinvent our ways of teaching and learning.


These days department stores and brand names have to further attempt to draw the customers in when they could be tempted to do it online. We are deflecting the traditional marketing standards to involve people into outstanding multimedia customer  experience.  So we take over these places to bring consumers and brands back together around stories taking place within unforgetable and unique setups. These experiences give birth to new communication strategies where consumers and market players can all participate and interact.

Urban design, interactive exhibition, video projection, experiential marketing, showroom, immersive teaching facility :  these are all the forms our creations can take within worlds where reality and multimedia magic come together. We are putting at your disposal experts, learning engineers and our creative collective. Coming from all horizons our professionals manage the conception, design, production, integration and operation of your interactive experience through recreational and experiental means.



We offer the visitor a dive into original gaming experiences.


We are telling stories and bringing them to life.


We are creating magical and inspiring graphic universes.

Multimedia/Transmedia contents

We are producing contents by taking over the creative space.

Interactive scenography

We are taking you through exciting and striking environments.

Sensory interactivity

Stimulate the senses and generate involvement

Educational engineering

To simply explain difficult notions.

Technologies / innovation

Marvel with innovative technical solutions.

Are you interested ? Join us to create something never seen before.

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