Consulting and support


We take experimentation very seriously and so we advise you to make your project come true. With that in mind, every new working process becomes an adventure. We also use a unique creative and experimental consulting approach so we can test, make prototypes and explore new horizons.

Starting by analysing what you need to make your exceptionnal project come true, we then advise and support you through every steps. Our company relies on a rigorous creative and consulting methodologies in order to guarantee inspiring, adapted, concrete and rapidly effective interventions.

  • Audit
  • Feasability assessment
  • Creativity/inspiration workshops
  • Design thinking / lean marketing
  • Benchmarking / sourcing
  • Technological exploration

You can finally give your action the dimension it deserves thanks to consulting.

Audit / Diagnosis 

We help you understand what you need and what your audiences expect. We also help you figure out your goals and formalising procedures. All those steps are structuring elements which will define the scope of your project.

Viability assessment

Is it technically possible ? Is it financially viabe ? Will the project arise the way it is supposed to ? To answer all these important questions we have to assess your project so we can point out the technological, financial and human needs. You can then decide if you want to go on with your project or not.

Collective creativty/collective innovation Workshops

We can be more creative together ! By making use of this unique creative energy and according to your objectives, we make a collaborative effort to adapt our workshops and turn them into creative stimulus. Together we are inventing to produce projects exceeding your ambitions.

Design thinking / lean marketing

Standing midway between analysis, council and intuition, between experimentation and human connection, our workshops will allow you to design creative solutions, answering the users’ needs as well as your own organisation.

Benchmarking / sourcing / Inspiration

We are observing trends and leading practices in the same field of activity as yours. We look even further so we can get inspired and find solutions and ideas that can give you satisfaction in field of reference different than yours (sports, luxury, cinema, animal kingdom, medecine, science-fiction, Internet, finance, politics, transportation…)

Technological exploration

A blend of technology, arts and sensory experiments. That’s what you wan expect from our technological explorations. It is a prospective journey through digital creation technologies and all their different declinations : visual arts, video games and audiovisual environment. 

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