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Le vrai du faux : a digital platform accessible offline or online linked to an interactive content correction module allowing visitors, over the course of the information pages, to track down lies, manipulation, misappropriation…

Client issue

At a time when a large amount of information is constantly circulating on the Internet, social networks and other media, the digital group of the Union Nationale de l’Information Jeunesse wishes to make young people aware of the quality and relevance of information and to discern the true from the false in a platfom, “le vrai du faux”.


Faced with the interest aroused by the first version tested in different regions of France, the digital group of the Union Nationale de l’Information Jeunesse wants to deploy a national digital platform for Media and Information Education, “Vrai du faux”, to enable members of the youth information network to offer educational activities to raise awareness in schools or youth structures.

Our proposal

At a time when everything is moving fast, the media and their continuous flow of news are no exception to the rule, pouring out every day a multitude of information, ready to consume, which we absorb without taking the time to question.
In order to allow young people to question their way of consuming news and to develop a critical sense of the media, we have developed a digital platform and its content correction module to make them aware of this issue during educational activities organized by members of the youth information network in schools or youth structures.
The platform “Le Vrai du Faux” is presented in the form of an interactive magazine, a veritable organized toolbox in which newspapers, a content library and a resource section are juxtaposed. With “the newspapers”, the universe of articles and their contents to be assimilated opens up. Clicking on “the contents” opens up a bank of information to be taken into account. And the “resources” item displays an encryption guide, memo sheets, a satisfaction questionnaire and the workshop capture, all rich and varied content in images, texts, videos and hypertext links. As for the interactive content correction module, it provides animations in all four corners of France.

Vrai du faux

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