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The first interactive experiment on digital transformation in France to raise awareness and experiment with new technologies and their uses!


At the heart of the concerns of most companies, the general public and the world of education, digital transformation is a major challenge in terms of growth, adaptation and organization. It requires a global transformation of operating methods and requires long-term support to reduce the gaps between digital tools and people’s ability to use them and to develop new uses, the Technobus.


Confronted with the rapid evolution of digital technologies, citizens, employees and administrations have to adapt more and more quickly to the changes and to do so, they have to know and understand these new tools (potential, characteristics, limits).

Our proposal

In order to succeed in this delicate but much-needed passage of the digital transformation within society, the creation of the Technobus, a playful and immersive experience associated with multimedia content, fully meets this need for awareness, discovery and experimentation of digital technologies and their new uses by moving around the territories. Everywhere in France but also abroad, it opens its doors to visitors and adapts itself to all its audiences, inviting them to test uses in order to remove apprehensions and provide knowledge about current digital technologies.
With virtual reality glasses on their eyes, they experiment new uses, immersed in virtual environments. With augmented or mixed reality, they make virtual objects emerge in the real world with which they can interact.  In the technology bus, playing with a robot, piloting a drone, 3D printing, pizzas, chocolate objects, decorative objects, … becomes possible as well as understanding the various uses of big data. So many digital technologies have been unveiled that will no longer hold any secrets for them.

An experience designed to be modular and adaptable to customer problems with a qualified mediator on board, able to answer questions relating to technology and the most diverse current uses. In addition to these magical moments of experimentation and at the heart of the emotions, visitors can enrich their knowledge by participating in themed workshops, exploring certain digital tools and uses in greater detail in the Technobus.

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