What is mixed reality ?

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Name : Mixed Reality

Date of publication : 02/2019

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Client : La boite à outils numériques

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Résumé :  What is mixed reality?

Imagine working in an office. You interact on a virtual workspace that integrates into your real space. Actions are controlled by your fingers and your voice. This is mixed reality, a new environment that mixes the real and virtual worlds.

For this to work, mixed reality combines many different technologies. First of all, it is a stand-alone device. The computer is directly integrated into a visor. The user then sees through a glass window on which additional information is projected in real time.

At the same time, depth sensors detect the environment in real time. The helmet can thus continuously reconstruct the space and position 3D objects in the room. Stereoscopy, 2 identical but staggered screens create the illusion of perspective. The user can finally act with the 3D images thanks to motion detectors placed in the helmet that capture the slightest movement of the hands … and fingers.

The mixed reality offers many possibilities in the field of vocational training. The learner or employee is equipped with a helmet and guided with personalized or additional information directly on the field. This is a major asset for maintenance, the employee has a multitude of data in front of his eyes, he has access for example to the maintenance history of the machine, he can virtually dismantle the machine, share, all this with his hands free. Thanks to the mixed reality, his intervention time is reduced by a factor of 4.

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