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An interactive multimedia experience to awaken vocations and enhance the value of the pharmaceutical industry in search of new talent.

Client issues

Polepharma, Europe’s leading pharmaceutical cluster, wants to present its modern, innovative and fast-growing industry to young people at job fairs.


In a highly competitive market, the pharmaceutical industry sector is struggling to recruit and at the same time young people who are losing their bearings are not interested in the ecosystem of the pharmaceutical industry.

Our proposal

When we go to the pharmacy, it is to seek advice or to get medicine to treat ourselves. Whatever the age, we all needed to go through the doors, but we had no idea of the diversity of jobs that were behind it (production, quality control, communication, marketing, etc.). In order to make the pharmaceutical industry better known to young people seeking orientation or training and to promote this industry of the future, which is too often misunderstood, we offer an interactive experiential device that engages them in a multimedia adventure that combines the pleasure of playing and the attraction of discovery. Immersed in this interactive experience, different choices are available to them! Play, explore, learn and understand.

Play the platform game “Go To Pharma” where you will have to create your drug in record time and with great effort.

Discover, in the course of the game, the key stages in the life of a pharmaceutical product.

Understand how the pharmaceutical industry is organised and understand its professions (maintenance technician, line operator, etc.) thanks to the enhanced book.

Explore the ecosystem of Normandy, Ile-de-France and the Loire Valley centre with the interactive 3D map to find out all about the training centres and companies in the sector. Well-equipped in a relaxation area in the colours of the Pharma Cluster, the young people are invited to live a complete experience favouring a time of exchange and reflection.

Go to pharma

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