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A multimedia, fun and educational experience to reinvent the way young generations look at the perfumery and cosmetics industry.


The sector encounters recurring difficulties in recruiting the young talent needed to manufacture perfumes and cosmetics. To renew its image, it wishes to move away from traditional means of communication and get closer to current practices.


Despite the diversity of its professions, some of which remain little known, many lack appeal and interest among young people and adults. The industry struggles to find the qualified personnel it needs and the candidates for the training courses it offers.

Our answer

The moments of choice or professional orientation most of the time cause doubts and questions, often amplified when ignorance invites itself to this ordeal. To spark the interest of the younger generation and provide the content needed to discover the world of perfumery and cosmetics and its professions, we have designed a fun and educational multimedia experience where interactivity, inspired by the neurosciences, captures the user’s attention and makes him or her active in the face of knowledge. An experience to be lived including an enhanced booklet and its dedicated application that gives pride of place to the mischievous creature, Blushy. It accompanies, challenges and invites you to play (to test your performance, check your reflexes,…) while making you discover captivating jobs. Transformed into a giant mascot, he becomes the real communication vector of the industry, a mischievous entertainer and always ready for the photo, an authentic guide for these events. In barely two minutes, the experience can be continued on the stand and on the Cosmetic Experience website, where an explanatory video provides information on the key figures of the sector.

The web platform extends the knowledge of the professions and offers a range of additional information. All of these media provide a complete, captivating and engaging experience and update the perfumery and cosmetics industry for young people.

The experience is made up of several interactive multimedia contents:

  • An expanded booklet to inform.
  • A game app to attract.
  • A website to deepen.
  • A 2D explanatory video to understand.
  • A mascot to communicate

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Download the Cosmetic experience application on the apple store or google play.

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